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Heal Your Trauma, Own Your Self

While trauma is a growing epidemic and symptoms of PTSD overwhelm survivors, some modalities can help the process of recovery. These modalities include a top-down approach of talk therapy and medication management. However, according to researchers, these modalities are not best for the treatment of PTSD. The bottom-down approach seems to be more acceptable among trauma-informed practitioners. There are several bottom-down approaches that include a combination of both conventional mental health and complementary and alternative medicine modalities. These modalities include EMDR, EFT, acupuncture, healing touch, massage, somatic psychotherapy, yoga, meditation, expressive arts, and neurofeedback. All of these modalities tend to help the unstuck energy to be released from the body and of the mind by bringing awareness to the body, calming down the hyperarousal symptoms, and bringing back a sense of safety, control, and connection to self and others

Please refer to The Trauma Blog Series for more information on trauma, trauma effects, PTSD, treatment, and healing of PTSD.

Yoga/Somatic Movement


Carnival Drummers

Communal Rhythms

Healing Touch



Polyvagal Theory



Shamanic Breathwork

Positive Supports

(Emotional Freedom Technique)

Healing the
Inner Child



Healing Touch Therapy_1
Image by davide ragusa

Cannabis Education and Consultation

(Diet, exercise, supplements)

Community Resources

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The Ultimate Resource Guide

Energy Healing

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