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Image by Esteban Lopez

Cannabis Education and Consultation

"The world of cannabis can be overwhelmingly complicated for beginners, and having a positive first experience is important to their continued use. As the legal industry continues to grow across the U.S. and Canada, cannabis consultation has become a popular way for new users to learn about the medicinal benefits of cannabis in a comfortable space." - Sweet Jane Magazine

Cannabis education and consultation is an opportunity to educate clients on dosage, strains, and symptoms, and how to best understand the endocannabinoid system. Having a consultant can save time, reduce trial and error, and can set up clients for long-term success.  

Consultation is needed for both understanding the plant and the potential benefits to a client. Cannabis can be used to ease anxiety, chronic or menstrual pain, changes in hormones, and more. With the right education, users can take the mentoring from a consultant and learn to become their own advocate. 


I offer in-person meetings where clients can expect a relaxed environment and conversation. 

If you’re curious about your next steps with cannabis and how it may help you, reach out and contact me. It just might change your life!  


*Anyone with high blood pressure or heart conditions should always consult their doctor before adding cannabis to their lifestyle.

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