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Healing Touch

Dr. Kolk (2014), encourages all his patients to engage in some sort of bodywork, be it massage, somatic therapy, or energy healing. Touch is the most natural way to calm down distress in another human. Touch helps with hyper-arousal and makes one feel whole, “safe, protected, and in charge”. (p. 215) It is not possible to recover if one does not feel safe in their skin. (Kolk, 2014) In a study, the largest improvements found with healing touch was an “84% reduction in depression, followed by a 68% reduction in pain. Stress and anxiety were reduced by 49%, and fatigue, by 46%.” (Hendricks & Wallace, 2018) All of these are symptoms of PTSD that can be improved. 

Massage has been known to relieve stress, decrease anxiety, reduce depression, and improvement of mood. (Hou, Chiang, Hsu, Chiu, Yen, 2010). In a 2012 study, it reported a significant reduction in physical pain, tension, irritability, anxiety, worry, and depression. (Collinge, Kahn, & Soltysik, 2012) Another study found that massage therapy provided relief from distressing physical and psychological symptoms attributed to trauma. (Price & Abdullahi, 2013) Research indicates that massage therapy allows the client to experience a more sense of self, feeling of comfort, safety, and control that they are not able to get on their own. Another powerful tool that a massage therapist has is the ability to respond to individual needs during a session and providing clients safe and effective self-care strategies that help self-soothe and manage stress.


Energy Healing Touch Services

Energy healing is a therapy that is done to aid in healing of the etheric or energetic body that exists in all of us. This energetic body exists simultaneously with our physical body, and both have a direct effect on one another. This also effects your mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, energy healing therapies may help mentally and spiritually, as well as physically.

Some of the benefits of energy healing therapies include but are not limited to:

*Relief of stress and anxiety by balancing the mind, body, and spirit

*Detecting and removing energy blocks which may be the cause of physical, mental, and emotional stresses

*Pain relief

*Balancing the body’s Chakras

*Complimenting along with medical healing therapies and rehabilitation

*Strengthening one’s connection to the Divine/Higher Power

*Helping in decision making and being at peace with situations

*May increase intuition

It is essential that the client understands that no energy healing therapy can be accepted as a replacement for any prescribed or necessary medical treatment, but is best used as a parallel treatment. Energy therapists are not able to diagnose or medically treat any illness or condition.

In an energy healing session, clients remain fully clothed and, if comfortable, will lay on their backs on a massage table. Occasionally clients may be asked to lay on their stomach. Clients are not expected to do anything during a session except clear their mind, relax, and enjoy. Depending on the type of session being performed, the therapist may lay the hands/crystals/tools gently on different areas of the body to channel the healing energy, or they may simply hover above the body.

Clients may have various experiences, ranging from the feeling of warmth and tingling throughout the body, a sensation of either floating or becoming very light, or the sensation of becoming very heavy and melding into the table. It is common for clients to see colors or visions, have spontaneous muscle jolts, or even have an emotional release such as crying or giggling. Experiences will differ with each client, every time, but it is important for the client to know that no matter if you experience the above or not, the energy is always working.

Following an energy healing session, clients are encouraged to remain as relaxed as possible. Sleep patterns may change, leaving the client either sleepy or energized. Drinking lots of water and eating healthy snacks can help balance energy levels.


Please be sure to ask Tiffany if you have any questions regarding the treatment or post-treatment experiences.


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