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Holistic Creations
Tree of Life Pendants


Introducing our unique Tree of Life pendants, intricately handcrafted from wire, crystal stones, and charms. Each pendant is a one-of-a-kind piece of art, showcasing the beauty of nature with a personal touch. No two trees are the same, reflecting the individuality and uniqueness of the wearer.

Our pendants feature:

1. **Handcrafted Wire Trees**: Each tree is carefully formed from high-quality wire, creating a strong yet delicate structure that symbolizes strength and growth.
2. **Crystal Stones**: We use a variety of crystal stones, each chosen for its beauty and metaphysical properties. Whether you prefer the calming energy of amethyst, the protection of black tourmaline, or
the love-enhancing qualities of rose quartz, we have a stone to suit your needs.

3. **Charms**: Adding a touch of personalization, our pendants include charms that represent various aspects of life, such as hearts for love, stars for dreams, and leaves for growth.

4. **Customization**: We offer custom-made designs to ensure your Tree of Life pendant is as unique as you are. Choose your preferred wire color, crystal stones, and charms to create a piece that perfectly matches your style and intentions.

These Tree of Life pendants make perfect gifts for loved ones or a meaningful treat for yourself. Embrace the beauty of nature and the power of crystals with a piece that's crafted with care and imbued with personal significance.


Prices vary between $25-$35 depending on size and charm/crystals.

Contact us and let us know what you want to manifest.

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