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(by utilizing expressive arts)

Every single one of us, wishes to feel feel loved and accepted unconditionally. However, If your parents were not loved unconditionally, they each developed an inner child whom felt unloved. This made it hard for your parents to love you the way you wanted and needed to be loved. When you were not loved unconditionally, you too developed an inner child which felt unloved. This is how cycles are repeated in families and the inner child wound continues to be passed on from generation to generation.

This needy inner child, whom feels unloved, is locked into the past. The child struggles to find safety and is afraid that the painful past will continue to follow them into their future. The child is afraid and doesn't feel worthy. The underlying message of your inner child is, “Life is a struggle." Your needy inner child believes it is a victim of the world and carries an underlying feeling of hopelessness and helplessness.

The main thoughts and beliefs of this inner child are based in fear, hurt and guilt/shame. There are thoughts of self-recrimination and replaying of old programs of parental disapproval, which now manifest as self-judgment and criticism.

The way out of this needy inner child pattern, is first to gain a sense of detachment, which allows you to mindfully observe your inner child’s thought system in action. Whenever there is a feeling of fear or tension in your body, you can know that there is an underlying attachment or identification with a needy inner child belief system.

By observing with non-judgment, compassion, and love, allows you the freedom, detachment and the perspective which helps in the deep healing process. If this is done consistently, the needy inner child begins to feel safe and eventually sees a new outlook on life. As you continue this path of observing your needy inner child with love, the sense of hope will occur that the past will not be repeated and the emergence of transformation occurs. You will feel more relaxed and will have a sense of trust and stability that you are safe and loved.

While Healing the Inner Child, you will learn how to become your needy child's nurturing parent by paying attention to what your needy inner child says, thinks, feels and how it behaves. Through this healing you will also replace self criticism with self nurturing, recognize and heal self destructive thoughts, learn how to connect your inner child with your own Inner Wisdom (Higher Self), learn to release limiting fears, feel empowered and stable in your own skin, and bring more unconditional love into your life.

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