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Special Groups 

“Drum circles can offer players a wonderful opportunity for experiential learning in a fun and engaging atmosphere. Drum circles create a safe and nurturing environment where understanding, communication, respect, and celebration of similarities and differences are at the core. Music improvisation and drumming offer forms of non-verbal communication that transcends language barriers and promote global conversations and collaborations amongst any group mix. Music is a universal language that all human beings understand. It provides an exciting venue for establishing communities that are positively engaging, interactive and creative.”

Corporate Team Building

Drum sessions have many business applications and can be used for any of the following:

  • Conference Energizers

  • Team Building

  • Emphasizing Core Values, Brands And Conference Messages

  • Product Launches

  • Conference Opening/ Closing

  • Entertainment

  • Staff Training Days

  • Pre/After Dinner Entertainment

  • Family Fun Days

  • Uplifting Finales

  • Wellness Programs

We also do Interactive Drum Circles for Corporate Events: Conference Openings/Endings, Ice Breaker, Award Ceremonies, Grand Openings, Product Launches, Business Retreats and Diversity Awareness. etc.

Health and Wellness

Drum therapy is an ancient way of promoting self-expression and healing with rhythm, as can be seen in the Mongolian shamans or the West African Minianka healers. For thousands of years, therapeutic rhythm strategies have been used for developing and maintaining spiritual, physical and mental health. Latest research reviews show that drumming actually speeds up physical healing, reintegration of self, releasing emotional trauma, and producing the sensations of well-being, improving the immune system and more. Overall, it has a significant positive impact on the mental health of participants. Find out about the many benefits of drumming on mental health.

-Joan Swart

Special Needs

Integrating drumming into a classroom for special needs students can be a beneficial way for therapists, teachers and students to connect on a level that helps improve communication, collaboration and increase cognition and attention within a regular classroom. With the various delays and struggles that special needs kids face in schools, a new and exciting way to communicate with these children can make a huge difference in the learning and social experiences they face.

Parks and Festivals

Creating Unity in the Community with Drum Circles.

We provide Professionally Facilitated Fun Filled Drum Circles at your next Festivals, Parks, Company Picnics, church groups, grand openings and more.

Through hands on music making and interactive performances, we seek to enhance cultural appreciation and community spirit, most of all; we Create Unity in the Community by the use of a Fun Filled Facilitated Drumming Circle experience, where everyone gets to share their Rhythm Spirit. Each participant gets to share their own special unique beat with the group which connects everyone together. And in doing so, we break the ice for first time guest to become new friends with one another in the community.


Have a fun-filled professionally facilitated Drum Circle at your School/Library/Camp where everyone quickly connects with one another. You can have a Drum Circle for the teachers or for the students. You can also combine them, both teachers and students, to make one big drum circle where everyone gets to connect with one another and share their rhythm spirit in making music in the moment.

DRUM CIRCLES HELP FOSTER: Cooperation vs Competition, Teamwork, Confidence, Respect, Camaraderie, Inspiration, Collaboration, Inclusion, Creativity, Leadership, Listening Skills, Communication and Community Building.

Parties and Celebrations

DRUM PARTIES!: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Family Reunions, House Warmings, Bachelor, Bachelorette, Cocktail, Easter, Frat, BBQs, Private, Pool Party, Woman’s Day, Singles, Graduations,  Fundraising, Farewell Parties, Weddings, and more!

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