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Drumming in Schools

Have a fun-filled professionally facilitated Drum Circle at your School/Library/Camp where everyone quickly connects with one another. You can have a Drum Circle for the teachers or for the students. You can also combine them, both teachers and students, to make one big drum circle where everyone gets to connect with one another and share their rhythm spirit in making music in the moment.

We create a safe, supportive environment in which participants can freely explore and play.  Participants tap into their individual creativity and experience connection to the group while drumming, releasing inhibitions and experiencing true Social Benefits and Joy through facilitated drumming.

Enhance students’ understanding of the relationship between body and mind through rhythmic movement

  1. School/Library Drumming allow students to discover another outlet of expression through creativity in making music in the moment.

  2. Develop in young people a sense of cultural identity and inter-cultural      understanding through the playing of instruments from another culture

  3. Instill in students the importance of dedicated responsibility, teamwork skill,   cooperation, flexibility and group responsibility by making music in the moment.

  4. Develop creativity within students in an environment that is safe, friendly and Fun.

  5. Empower students with skills that can be individually pursued, or shared with  their community.

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