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Sexual Health Education and Empowerment

Painted Heart

Providing Holistic Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Empowerment for women, women to be, and couples.


As a Sexual Empowerment Coach, I offer non-judmental, shame-free assistance to people with sexual challenges and relationship issues that inhibit them from fully experiencing their sexuality wholly and holistically. Many sexual issues can be resolved through a reflective process or by developing skills with professional guidance. My goals are to assist people in peeling away myths and preconceptions about sex and relationships, help them let go of unrealistic expectations, shame and unhealthy emotional and sexual patterns, create the sexual life and relationships they want, and come home to their magnificent sexual self.


My focus is primarily on women, people who are LGBTQ-identified and couples. I work with men occasionally, but only men who are able to acknowledge that they have some valuable work to do on their sexuality and are willing to put in the effort in to do it. Mostly, I work with men in my couples work, where the couple is developing their capacity for a more intimate, authentic, sexual, caring and fulfilling relationship. I work with couples of all genders.


My coaching programs are devoted to assisting you on your journey to sexual freedom, healing and awakening. Depending on the issue, my sessions utilize a combination of education, verbal support, guidance, emotional release, energy work, meditation, visualization and other exercises.

Services Offered: 

Lover's Embrace

Sex and Intimacy Coaching

Individuals and couples of all orientations welcome.

Stack of Notebooks

Sex Education

For juniors, teens, adults, elderly ALL AGES 

Outdoors in Autumn

Sexual Rehabilitation

Working Through Trauma

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