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Sexual Reclamation

(working through trauma)


Offering services for heteronormative, non-heteronormative, LGBTQ+, women, non-binary, and queer females

Healing past wounding within relationships and around sexuality, intimacy issues, boundary and trust issues, sexual abuse, and violence, post-injury rehabilitation, and coaching.​

Sexual Traumas include:

- lack of sexual desire

- sex-negative conditioning

- obstacles to intimacy

- infidelity

- sexual trauma

- sex and disability

- performance anxiety

- infertility

- gender identity confusion or transition


- postpartum trauma

- postpartum depression

- miscarriages

- abortions

- prolonged labor

- cesarian birth

- birth Trauma

- hysterectomy

- past Sexual Abuse/Assault

- PCOS/Endometriosis/Etc.

Womb Healing and Cycle Coaching

Understand and embrace your cyclic nature – heal your womb from trauma, conditioning and old imprints – connect with your womb center to receive Divine guidance for optimum self-care, creativity, productivity and personal growth.

For more information go to Womb Healing.

Emotional Release Therapy

Emotional release therapy is an alternative healing method used to help release a person’s negative energy. This technique is widely used in grief therapy and in other areas of emotional trauma. It is also successful in healing both physical and emotional wounds.

For more information go to Emotional Release Therapy.

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