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Healing Stars of the Month

Introducing Our Featured Practitioners:


Each month, we embark on a journey to discover diverse healers and practitioners worldwide. Our mission is to spotlight individuals who bring unique modalities, wisdom, and perspectives to the healing community. Our monthly features aim to introduce you to a rich tapestry of healing practices, from ancient traditions to innovative approaches. Join us as we celebrate the remarkable work of these healers and offer an extra resource for your healing journey.

Month of May


Introducing Marion Noone:


Marion Noone is not just a visionary alchemist; she's a truth-teller, a free spirit, and a conscious friend and colleague. I experience her as someone who embodies the essence of authenticity and liberation, and I admire her insight and strive to live a life of freedom like her.


Drawing upon the magical elements of the air, Marion guides individuals through profound shifts and liberation from past traumas and limiting beliefs. Her approach is grounded in truth and honesty, and she fearlessly navigates the depths of the human experience with compassion and understanding.


Marion specializes in addiction recovery, helping individuals break free from the chains of dependency and reclaim their sovereignty. She also works with advanced spiritual practitioners, assisting them in dismantling illusive ego blockages and stepping into their true power.


But Marion's work doesn't stop there. She proposes self-mastery via the divine mother heart-coherence template, empowering individuals to tap into their inner wisdom and align with their highest selves. Her toolkit includes expressive art therapy, adventure therapy, inner child play, sober support, yoga, breathwork, and personalized avatar wellness plans encompassing life and health.


Through Marion's guidance, individuals discover the alchemical power within themselves to transmute unconscious, traumatized aspects of self into mature, light-oriented, and self-realized conscious operators. She is a beacon of light for those on the path of self-discovery, offering healing and a roadmap to a life of authenticity, freedom, and fulfillment.

Email Marion at:

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