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"When life throws shit at you, that's ok, just use that as fertilizer and grow the best garden of your life." 

-Tiffany McBride

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Tiffany McBride (She, Her, They, Them) is a Clinical Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Energy Master and Teacher, Birth and Death Doula, Ordained Shamanic Minister, Expressive Artist, and 4 Time Best Selling Author. Tiffany runs a private practice named Holistic Vibrations, LLC, utilizing holistic remedies and altered states of consciousness for those who struggle with trauma, addictions, women’s issues, LGBTQAI+ support, and those seeking a deeper spiritual connection.

These holistic and altered states of consciousness modalities include Emotional Release Therapies (utilizing EMDR, Shamanic Breathwork, and Past Life Regression), Expressive Arts Therapies, Energy Healing, Womb Healing/Doula Services, Sexual Health Education and Empowerment, Attachment Trauma Recovery, Internal Family Systems, Inner Child Healing, Codependency Recovery, Emotional Freedom Technique, Motivational Interviewing, Transitional Life Coaching, Spirituality, Breathwork, Hypnosis, Somatic Psychotherapy, and Psycho-education.

Tiffany is currently working on their Doctorate in Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual Studies and training to be a Yoga Teacher and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Tiffany hopes to travel the world, offering empowering and healing retreats and workshops in different countries. Tiffany is growing a Virtual Community and a Healing Arts Studio to help people access healing tools and resources more easily in order to heal from their traumas and enhance their lives and spirits. Virtual classes, workshops, online groups, reading material, and healing music are coming soon! If you want to keep up with the latest events, please sign up for my newsletter here

Tiffany loves to write, blog, paint, draw, create digital art, play the ukulele and guitar, sing, be in nature, take photographs, read, go to concerts, hang with friends, and learn more about psychology and history.

Tiffany has been a recovering addict and complex trauma survivor for the past 20 years. They not only have many tools and modalities to help, but they also come with personal experience and wisdom from the tragedies of their own trauma and addiction history. 

Connect with them on the following sites:

Facebook: Tiffany McBride 

Instagram: Witchycrowwmn83 

So You Want To Work With Me? Please read on.

What differentiates Tiffany and their counseling from others?

A Personal Touch

No one likes working with a professional on an important issue and feeling like they’re just a number or have a dollar sign over their head.

For Tiffany, counseling isn’t just a service or something they do… It's their calling, but it’s also a relationship. They treat every client, without exception, just as they would like to be treated: with dignity, respect, accountability, and integrity.

Open Communication

Open and honest communication is vital to developing a strong counseling relationship. When you engage with any professional, you should never feel hesitant to communicate with them.

Professional Training

Anyone can call themselves a coach, mentor, or therapist. Unfortunately, there are thousands of unqualified 'coaches or therapists' out there who have never been trained to coach, have never been coached or mentored themselves, and have little to no idea how to help their clients get optimal results.

With two decades of experience,
Tiffany brings a unique synthesis of a formal background in clinical psychotherapy and the rigorous training required to become a therapist, life coach, and mentor. You will have at your disposal an experienced ally who’s fully committed to your success.

Holistic Approach

Her modalities are from a holistic mindset encompassing the mind, body, and soul. Her modalities are natural ways to help you get where you want to be.

Holistic and Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness Modalities include:

Specialized areas include: 

  • PTSD/Trauma/Grief

  • Self Esteem Issues

  • Anxiety

  • Depression (Post-Partum Depression)

  • ADHD/ADD (in women/non-binary)

  • Stress Management

  • Intimacy Issues

  • Gender Identity and Empowerment

  • Spirituality and Healing

  • Infertility Issues and Birth Trauma

  • Women's Health and Well-Being

Are we a good fit?

As you’re probably aware, tens of thousands of Counselors and Life Coaches are available. We all have different skill sets and areas of expertise, and our approaches and styles can range from similar to completely polar opposites.

Therefore, after reading the two lists below, if you think we would resonate with each other, then we should talk.

We will work well together, and you’ll see positive results if…

  • You’re open and ready for a change. You’re willing to objectively examine your life and reassess your deep-seated beliefs, habits, and thought patterns.

  • You believe that you get out of life what you put in.

  • You feel motivated to make profound, positive changes in all areas of your life in a structured way that keeps you on track and accountable for taking action.

  • You believe you’re here for a greater purpose than just “existing,” that life is short and precious, and that personal responsibility is the key to success.

Then again, we probably won’t be a great fit for each other if…

  • You think it’s cool to have a therapist/life coach/mentor but don’t want to do any work – I can’t just wave my magic wand and give you the life of your dreams. I’ll act as the guide for your journey, but you’ll have to hike the path.

  • You think life is unfair and the world owes you something.

  • You have serious commitment issues regarding keeping your word and not doing things you promise to do.

  • You have deep psychological problems or trauma that affects your ability to function well. You have fears or phobias that seem extreme and resistant to change, or you believe you have clinical severe depression, severe anxiety, or addiction issues that aren’t currently being treated by a medical professional or other helping services.

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