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Sexual Empowerment with SHEE: A Journey to Your Deepest Self

Unlock the power of your sexuality in a safe, supportive space designed for women to heal, explore, create, empower, and learn.


SHEE (Sexual Healing Education and Empowerment) offers a unique opportunity for women to come together, share their stories, and embark on a creative, transformative journey towards sexual empowerment.

Are you a woman seeking:

  • Increased sexual confidence and empowerment?

  • More desire, orgasms, and intimacy?

  • Improved energy and fulfillment in life?

  • Deeper connections and more fun in the bedroom?

  • The ability to talk about sex without shame or guilt?

  • Liberation from sexual shame or trauma?

Embark on a transformative and creatively infused journey to unlock the full potential of your sexuality with SHEE's Group, featuring 12 Steps to a Sexually Empowered Life. Immerse yourself in a dynamic exploration of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation, where each step invites you to infuse creativity into your sexual journey:

  1. Reimagine Your Sexual Narrative with Creative Expression

  2. Liberate Your Sexual Essence: Unleashing Creative Energy

  3. Nurture and Amplify Sexual Vitality through Creative Practices

  4. Transform Emotional Patterns in Relationships: A Creative Shift

  5. Ignite Desire & Craft Your Unique Sexual Practice with Creative Rituals

  6. Celebrate Your Body: A Creative Manifesto of Radical Acceptance

  7. Crafting Sensual Mastery: Expressing Creativity Through Sexual Skills

  8. Embody Erotic Authenticity & Develop Your Personal Love Language with Creative Expression

  9. Create an Artful Homecoming to Your True Sexual Self

  10. Explore the Creative Intersection of Sexuality and Emotional Intelligence

  11. Unveil the Artistry in the Connection Between Spirituality and Sexuality

  12. Sustain Ongoing Growth and Artistic Self-Discovery in Your Sexual Journey

Engage in a dynamic blend of creative self-exploration, expressive discussions, innovative coaching, and experiential exercises within SHEE's Group. Join this uniquely crafted program to discover the vibrant and imaginative layers of your sexual self, fostering an environment where creativity intertwines seamlessly with empowerment.

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Immerse Yourself in a Creatively Empowered Journey with SHEE: Unveiling Your Sexual Essence

Program Highlights:

1. Expressive Self Exploration, Dialogues, and Creative Coaching:
   Engage in an artistic journey of self-discovery, fostering creativity as you navigate the depths of your sexual self.

2. Creative Exploration of Historical and Patterned Aspects of Sexuality:
   Unearth the artistic tapestry of your sexual history and patterns through imaginative exploration.

3. Experiential Exercises for Inner Wisdom and Creative Growth:
   Embark on creative exercises designed to tap into your inner wisdom, fostering growth through artistic expression.

4. Innovative Education on Sexuality and the Sexual Body:
   Expand your knowledge through a creatively curated educational experience on the diverse facets of sexuality and the human body.

5. Artistic Empowerment Rituals and Extraordinary Events:
   Participate in empowering rituals and special events crafted with a creative touch, adding a unique flair to your transformative journey.

Who is the SHEE Woman?

The SHEE Woman is an artistic soul:

- Committed to a creative journey of self-transformation, cherishing every step on her life's canvas.

- Ready for a creatively charged change, eager to release old hurts, and break through patterns with an artistic flourish.

- Seeking to express pleasure, ecstasy, and power through the canvas of her sexuality.

- Longing to discover and release her artistic sexual voice, transforming her relationships into masterpieces.

Are you prepared to honor your sexuality in a deeper, more artistic way?


Are you the SHEE Woman, ready to paint your sexual narrative with vibrant and empowering hues?

If you are this woman, join us on this creatively transformative journey by adding this facebook page (SHEE:ReWilding The Sacred Yoni) for upcoming events and artistic shares.

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