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Healing Stars of the Month

Introducing Our Featured Practitioners:


Each month, we embark on a journey to discover diverse healers and practitioners worldwide. Our mission is to spotlight individuals who bring unique modalities, wisdom, and perspectives to the healing community. Our monthly features aim to introduce you to a rich tapestry of healing practices, from ancient traditions to innovative approaches. Join us as we celebrate the remarkable work of these healers and offer an extra resource for your healing journey.

Month of April


Introducing Natasha Sharma, aka N.S. Shakti: 


I've had the pleasure of working with and being friends with Natasha, who is, I can attest, a colleague and a compassionate soul sister for life.


Natasha, born in the UK as Natasha Sharma, is a qualified BSc. Hons Clinical Hypnotherapist, five-time Best-Selling International Author, Speaker, Mentor, and Hypnobirthing Instructor currently living in India.


She adopted the name N.S. Shakti in April of 2023, marking a significant milestone in her journey of self-awareness to self-actualization.


Natasha's passion lies in the realms of Money and Manifestation and its relationship to self-worth. She is on a mission to normalize conversations about death. In Human Design, she is a 3/5 Mental Projector, meant to be a guide and a vehicle of wisdom for those who recognize her.


Natasha embodies the healing powers of transformation, self-realization, and choice. Her spirit animal, the snake, symbolizes divine feminine energy, embodying the healing powers of birth, death, shedding, and rebirth.


She effortlessly navigates both conscious and subconscious realms, facilitating growth and transformation in herself and those she works with. Natasha holds space to redefine and alter the Money & Manifestation Mindset with love, sensitivity, and divine insights.


Boldly embodying Shakti, Natasha's purpose is activating the divine feminine life force, kundalini energy, and guiding others as the world shifts and transmutes.


If you're ready to embark on this journey with her, you can follow Natasha on Instagram, DM her, and invite her to help you transform your money story and elevate your self-worth.


You can find her books on Amazon:


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