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Healing Stars of the Month

Introducing Our Featured Practitioners:


Each month, we embark on a journey to discover diverse healers and practitioners worldwide. Our mission is to spotlight individuals who bring unique modalities, wisdom, and perspectives to the healing community. Our monthly features aim to introduce you to a rich tapestry of healing practices, from ancient traditions to innovative approaches. Join us as we celebrate the remarkable work of these healers and offer an extra resource for your healing journey.

Month of June


Introducing Christine Falcon-Daigle: 


 Christine Falcon-Daigle is an entrepreneur and transformational coach whose greatest passion involves supporting others on their journeys of self-discovery. Called by the Great Mother to aid in this time of collective awakening and transformation, she is a sacred storyteller, bestselling author, facilitator of writing and women's circles, award-winning documentary filmmaker, and Baptiste Power of Yoga (RYT-200) instructor. She resides in the San Francisco Bay Area where she supports adults engaged in experiential healing retreats at the Hoffman Institute Foundation. A certified facilitator of The Miracle Way™ model of leadership, Christine draws from her certificate in horticultural therapy to offer nature-based retreats in collaboration with other healing arts professionals through her woman-owned business: Transformanity Collective. She is also a founding Board Member and officer of Big Mesa Healing, a non-profit healing sanctuary based in Marin County, California.


Christine is excited to introduce her latest course, "How to Start a Healing Writing Group," designed to empower others to create their own supportive and transformative writing communities.


In this course, you will learn what qualifies as a healing writing group and the fundamentals of leading one. With 30 years of experience, host Christine Falcon-Daigle discusses important considerations for launching one, and how to facilitate a group where everyone feels safe, supported, and welcome. Backed with the latest research in neuroscience, examples of freewrites and readbacks, and lots of inspirational examples of writing prompts, this 90-minute course will leave you feeling ready and excited to create your own!

Here is a link to Christine's course: How-To-Start-a-Healing-Writing-Group

Check out Christine's website here.

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