Embodying The Intuitive Self -
Highway To Hell Pt. 2 & 3

The Red Jasper Pt 2

Old Agreements:

What are the vows that keep you stuck?
Do you believe that you are unimportant?
That you don’t belong? That your body is unsafe or that you’re ungrounded, or do you struggle to find your center?
Do you fear life?
Are you in constant anxiety wondering how you’re going to survive?
New Agreements:

I have the strength to let go of doubts and fear.

I trust my body that it keeps me safe.

I am whole exactly as I am.

Everything I need comes to me at the right time and place.

I am grounded and connected to the earth below me.

I am worthy of love and respect.

I am able to choose what is right for me.

I am in charge of my life.

I have the ability to be financially secure.

I deserve to be safe at all times.

I allow myself to feel supported by those around me.

I can create the change I want to see.

I take responsibility for who I am and how I choose to live my life.

I love and respect who I am.

I do the best I can.

About Red Jasper

Red Jasper promotes grounding, strength, stamina, confidence, encourages justice, and stimulates intuitive insights. It is associated with the root chakra, and it’s called the blood of Mother Earth.


The Flowing Waters Pt 3

Old Agreements:

What are the agreements that keep you stuck?
Do you believe that you are not safe to express yourself?
That its not safe to be powerful?
Do you struggle to trust people because they have betrayed, abandoned, or hurt you?
Do you feel ashamed of your desires, dreams, and impulses?
Do you feel that loving yourself is selfish?
That it’s not safe to be sexual or sensual? Do you believe that sex is bad?
Do you believe you lack creativity or have no passion?
Do you struggle to receive pleasure?
Do you struggle to be vulnerable with others or feel ruled by your emotions?
Do you struggle with promiscuous behaviors or believe that you are only good for sexually pleasing others?

New Agreements:

I am grateful for the body which supports and empowers me
I am thankful and joyful to be me.
I accept, embrace, and celebrate my body.
I am comfortable in my body and I treat it with care
I honor my natural sexuality.
I open myself up for creativity and passion to flow through me.
I attract people who treat me with respect
I enjoy pleasure in all areas of my life
My emotions are free flowing and balanced
I am a creative being
It is my birthright to receive pleasure
I welcome sensuality into my life
Creating art nourishes my soul and brings me joy
I am a lovable and desirable being
Sex is a sacred connection

Water and Thoughts:

The extraordinary life work of Dr. Emoto is documented in the New York Times Bestseller, The Hidden Messages in Water. In his book, Dr. Emoto demonstrates how water exposed to loving, benevolent, and compassionate human intention results in aesthetically pleasing physical molecular formations in the water while water exposed to fearful and discordant human intentions results in disconnected, disfigured, and “unpleasant” physical molecular formations.
For more info on this check out this