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Drum Making Workshops

Presented by Kim Ryburn and co-hosted with Tiffany McBride

There is a spiritual experience when you birth your own drum. Drumming is a part of all cultures all over the world. The drum is a great instrument to experience for the mind, body, and spirit. Once a drum is birthed, its natural calming rhythms become in tuned with the heartbeat of the Earth in all of our hearts.

The single sided drum has a wooden hoop or frame and a stretched rawhide head and lacing. This is great for drumming circles and meditations.

What type of drum do you want to make?

15'' diameter fame/ animal hide drum and drum stick

18'' diameter frame/animal hide drum and drum stick

All other materials, except drum stick, will be provided and are included in the price of the workshop. Please feel free to go out into the wilderness and find your own sturdy drum stick from any branches fallen off a tree.

If you have some special beads or feathers which you'd like to decorate your drum you may also bring them. 

Make sure to eat a good hearty breakfast before coming to the event, refreshments and snacks will be provided during. 

Please contact Tiffany for any questions or if you are interested in doing this workshop.



About Kim: Hi! My name is Kim Ryburn. I am an Old Soul who grew up with Nature and started following my Spiritual Path when I was very young. It led me to experience the knowledge of many Native American teachers, as well as a New Zealand Shaman and Healer. Thru these experiences, I learned how to make drums starting in 1985 and have developed my own techniques through Spirit’s wisdom and guidance these past 33 years. When I make drums, I call in the Ancestors and all the Nature Beings that work with me and they make their presence known in the drums. The results are Magical!. This drum making process is called 'Birthing Your Drum' and this experience can be life changing. Drumming is a wonderful healing tool for us as well as Mother Earth. And it will lead you forward to merge your Heartbeat to the Mother.

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