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Shamanic Breathwork

Shamanic Breathwork is a powerful transformational journey that inspires individuals to Awaken the Shaman Within and reconnect with their own inner healer. As old wounds and dysfunctional patterns are released and transformed, individuals begin to regain lost soul parts and remember the magic of who they truly are. Empowerment brings wholeness and healing back into their own lives, to the lives of those they love, and to the world at large. 

Shamanic Breathwork is usually done in a group and consists of five components: intense breathing, vibrant and evocative music, focused energy release or bodywork, mandala drawing, and group sharing.

Shamanic Breathwork is rooted in two foundations from research: Holotropic Breathwork and Rebirthing. Leonard Orr is considered the father of the rebirthing movement in the 70's and 80's. Star Wolf found herself studying rebirth in the 80's and began her own healing process that took her into powerful experiences and lessons learned. She believes that having a sitter is important in the process of Shamanic Breathwork and the rebirthing experiences. Some people have experienced having rebirthing experiences such as going beyond the birth, to the conception point. Wolf expresses that she had feelings of being cleansed, renewed, and exhilarated, and having sensitivities of a newborn after her rebirthing processes. (Wolf, 2009)

The second as studied within this paper, is the Holotropic Breathwork process created by Grof. Wolf's main teacher was a Grof practitioner and taught Wolf the principles of this. With the combination of both Orr and Grof's work, she has created the Shamanic Breathwork process. Please see her book Shamanic Breathwork: Journeying Beyond the Limits of the Self. (Wolf, 2009)

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