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Wellness Teas, Infusions, and Herbs

Natural Medicine

Featuring a wide variety of custom made, organic teas and herbal infusions-to sit and enjoy with us or to take home! 

Wellness Teas

Body Wellness Teas:

Ease the Pain Tea

Relax the Muscles

Sleepy Time Tea

Restful Sleep

Tummy Ease Tea

Peppermint Tea

Ginger Tea

Hangover Tea

Detox Tea

Boost Your Energy 

Nourish Yourself 

Breathe Again 


White Tea

Green Tea

Oolong Tea

Black Tea

Emotional Wellness Teas:

Grounded in Joy

Peace n Calming

Uplift Yourself

Brighten You Day

Lemon Lift

Rose Tea

Nourish Your Heart

Strong Relaxer

Bright Mind Tea

Women's Wellness Teas:

Painful Periods

Woman Balance Tea

Keep Your Balance

Mother's Milk Tea


After Baby Pain Tea

Relax and Join in (the mood)

Spiritual Wellness Teas:


Dream Tea

Moon Tea (Full and New)

Healing Tea

Vision Tea

Intuitive Tea

Cup of Tea

Herbal Eye Pillows:

Relaxing Lavender

Breathe Easy

Dream Time



Nettle Infusion

Oatstraw Infusion

Rose Hip Infusion

Hibiscus Infusion

Kava Milk Tea

Nutritional Support



Revitalize Steam

Uterine Calming Steam

Vaginal Dryness Steam

Peaceful Healing Steam


Medicinal Herbs


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