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Community Drum Circles:

Spirit of Rhythm and Drums

"In its simplest form, a drum circle is a group of people who use drums and percussion to make "in-the-moment" music. We create a physical vibration that penetrates, excites and, at the same time, relaxes our physical, mental, and emotional states of being. These vibrations massage and melt away any physiology of separateness that may exist in the bodies of the participants. When we pay attention to where we connect with each other, by the very nature of this entrainment activity, we are led into the now of each musical and rhythmical moment. For these moments, drumming releases us from our past and gives us more room for the possibilities of the future."

Arthur Hull – Drum Circle Facilitation

Come together to celebrate life and music through sharing in the Spirit of Rhythm and Drums!

Making music together as a community we empower each other in the act of celebrating community and life through rhythm and music. People of all levels of musical expertise come together and share their rhythmical spirit with whatever drums and percussion they bring to the event. Everyone who comes and participates has something to offer the circle, and anyone is welcome. 

Here is some more information on Drum Circle Etiquette that would be useful to read before coming to the circle.

Facilitator and Contact Person: Tiffany McBride, Drum Teacher

What to bring: Drum or Percussion Instrument if you have one if not there is plenty to share.

Children ages 7 and above are WELCOME as long as they are able to participate, stay in the circle and can respect the instruments. :)

Cost: Love Donation (this helps to pay for business expenses and helps enable Tiffany to keep building a rhythmic community. Please give according to your level of ability, no one will be turned away.)

Please see Holistic Vibrations FB page for more details!



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