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Pregnancy Yoga


HypnoBirthing® is a childbirth education class that prepares the mind and body for labor and birth. The classes are designed to build confidence in the birthing body and baby through breathing, relaxation, and visualization techniques. These techniques are demonstrated and practiced in class; however, it is the daily practice and conditioning that happens outside of the class that really helps to make this a very positive experience.

Below is a general list of what is included when taking the HypnoBirthing® Class:

  • Your book, HypnoBirthing®– The Mongan Method

  • 5 information-packed class meetings

  • Body toning exercises and practice

  • 5 professionally written scripts for your home practice

  • 2 CDs

  • Handouts for planning your Birth Preferences

  • A set of Birth Prompts for your birth Companion

  • Demonstration and practice in optimal birth positions

  • Techniques in building birth confidence and eliminating fears

  • A Guide to good pregnancy nutrition

  • Several deep relaxation techniques for use during birthing, plus

  • Well-paced instruction designed to build your confidence and help you to have a safer, easier, and more comfortable birthing

  • Special calm breathing methods for use throughout labor and during birthing

  • Private instruction if desired

  • Small classes for personal attention

  • 5 – 2.5 hour classes


The right fit for your schedule

I know how important childbirth education is to you.
That is why I offer classes in several formats.

5 Individual Class Series

 Cost: $200 for series/$40 per class

Online (Coming Soon!)

Purchase 1 class or the entire 5 class series
Cost: $39-$195

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