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Post Partum Healing

"Mother roasting refers to the almost universal practice of keeping mothers warm immediately after the birth and in the weeks that follow. It is believed to seal the gateways, which have been opened by the birth, and to keep wind and cold from entering a vulnerable new mother’s body."

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What is mother roasting?

In mother-centered and traditional cultures throughout the world, the art of mother roasting is a common – and essential – practice for new mothers during the first forty days of their postpartum recovery. In Asian cultures, new mothers are given warm, nourishing beverages to sip. In India new mothers are given daily warm oil massages to help soothe strained abdominal muscles, reduce bleeding and enhance the body’s healing efforts towards the womb. In Guatemala new mothers are given hot saunas with abdominal massage (Mayan tradition). Thus through warmth a new mother is honored and given time to recuperate from the birth process, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

No matter the culture, the history of warming is the same. And it's been forgotten by most women in the United States. Cross-culturally, it is believed to seal up emotional, physical, and spiritual gateways that have been opened by birth. It is a way of protecting a woman's body, her newborn, and, as a result, nourish her back into herself after opening wide to deliver her child.


Mothering Nourishing:  During birth mom gives a significant amount of her stored nutrients over to baby. Add on top of that the long process of labor itself and then baby's need for nourishment through milk, and mother's are often left feeling depleted.

This package is a bundle of nourishment delivered to your door to help restore mom's vitality post-birth. All food is made fresh to order so please let us know when mom is getting close to her time so we can get prepared ahead of time.

*If you have any food sensitivities or things you do NOT like to eat, please be sure to let us know when ordering this package*

Warm broths and soups provide essential nutrients and minerals, replenishing the blood lost during delivery, enhancing the immune system to prevent infection and facilitate healing, and helping to ensure bountiful milk production.

Herbal infusions of red raspberry leaf and stinging nettle provide essential minerals, as well as slow postpartum bleeding and replenish the structures of the womb.

Warm milk tea helps support production of an adequate milk supply.

Cost: $150


Mother Embracing: Emotions can run rampant post-birth, and often unexpected thoughts and feelings arise. Having someone to talk to who can offer guidance and support can be crucial to help with mom's recovery and healing. 

  • Let me listen to your birth story without judgement or comment. Just pure love.

  • Let me cook for you and nourish your body.

  • Let me attend to your baby when you take a shower and brush our teeth.

  • Let's talk about all things baby, motherhood, relationships, sex and more.

  • Let me answer your questions and provide you with non biased spectrum of information for you to choose what's right for you.

  • Let me remind you that YOU KNOW.

  • Let me take care of things around the house just the way your mom would do.

  • Let's heal.

  • And let's laugh.

Cost: Sliding Fee Scale  for 1.5 hour session

Mother Healing: help support and heal mom right after birth with herbal remedies and self care.

Some of the mother warming services provided are:

  • Herbal Sitz Bath - Soak in a warm tub of herbal tea, specially formulated to help you heal. Wrap up in a warm towel and tuck right into bed to avoid a chill. 

  • Moxa applications - Moxabustion is an external heat therapy that is applied on or over an affected site. It is made from the herb Mugwort. Moxabustion, also called moxa, assists with postpartum healing by warming the abdomen, stops pain, moves Qi, circulates the blood, safeguards health, facilitates a speedy recovery and energizes the mama. Moxa is a useful treatment given between day five and ten post-birth. It should not be used if the woman presents with signs of heat. For example, a high temperature, night sweats, inflamed cesarean scar or infection.

  • Abdominal hot stone application - A river stone is heated, then wrapped in layers of cloth with a spice blend that has healing and warming properties. The hot bundle is pressed over the mamas abdomen infusing her with deep heat and soothing oils. 

  • Abdominal Massage with oils: Two weeks after birth soothing warmth is applied to abdomen to relax abdominal muscles and soothe uterine cramping. Then belly is gently massaged with warm oils infused with essential oils. Massage draws the body’s efforts towards healing the womb, reduces pain, and helps womb involute to pre pregnancy size. The new mother can be taught herself how to perform self-massage daily to facilitate healing.

  • Belly Binding (includes belly bind fabric) - Belly binding has been used throughout time and culture to help restore tone and slow postpartum bleeding. We bring a specially designed wrap and lend it to you for the course of your postpartum recovery.

  • Foot Soak - Soak your mama feet in a foot bath and venture on the journey of birth story time... a special practice that helps with emotional healing and processing of your birth experience. Let us serve you with a blooming flower tea ceremony in your honor.

  • Yoni Steam - The concept of combining herbs and steam for medicinal use can be traced back centuries ago to eastern cultures in Africa and Asia. V-steams bring heat to the womb. The use of specific herbs work in combination to nourish, tone, heal, bring in fresh oxygenated blood, promote cleansing, and shrink the swollen vaginal and uterine tissues after pregnancy and childbirth. A mama sits over a specially designed sauna for 20-30 minutes. The moist heat opens the pores of the tissues it comes into contact with. The water vapor carries the medicinal benefits of the plants, including volatile oils. This is absorbed into the tissues and enters the bloodstream, having a direct healing effect on the reproductive system. Vaginal tissue is one of the most absorbent of the entire female body.

Total Cost: $300

Individual Mother Healing Services:

Cost: $60 each

Mother Sealing Ceremony: This is a half-day ritualized event that is a wonderful way to honor mom's transition from maiden to mother. It can be done for mom's at any point in time after birth, anywhere from one day to forty years.
It makes for an especially beautiful rite to have close friends and family present for the Sealing Ceremony and Salt Bowl Ritual.

  • Birth Story Witnessing

  • Tea Ritual & Heart of the Mother Tea

  • Fear Releasing

  • A Mother's Journal

  • Ceremonial Bath 

  • Body Oil Rub Down 

  • Sealing Ceremony

  • Intention Setting 

Cost: $150

Sweet Sleep: Sleep shifts for mother to reset and sleep

  • 16 to 24 hours of nighttime support so you can sleep

  • 8 hour shifts (10 PM-6 AM)

  • Includes a 1-hour planning meeting before baby arrives

Cost: $200 for 16 hours/$400 for 24 hours

Herbal Packages:

Post Natal Kit: This kit is a compilation of herbal remedies, teas, essential oils, tools for relief to help after the birth of the baby. The Doula will present this to the mother on a post birth visit. $50

Mothering Kit- This kit is a compilation of herbal remedies teas, essential oils, and healing tools for the body, mind, and soul. $50

See The Tea Room Boutique for other herbal and handmade items.

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