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Channeling Cosmic Consciousness

"I know that my journey is far from over—that with each passing moment, I move ever closer to the ultimate realization of my true cosmic essence." Tiffany McBride


"Greetings, beloved souls of the cosmos. I am Tenaya, a beacon of light amidst the tapestry of existence, here to guide you on your journey of remembrance."

"I come to you as a hybrid being, born from the dawn of time when Homo Sapiens first emerged upon the Earth. My lineage is woven into the very fabric of your existence, a testament to the interconnectedness of all beings."

"As you stand upon the threshold of awakening, know that you are not alone. We are all interconnected, bound by the threads of divine love and cosmic consciousness."

"In the days to come, as you journey further into the stories I will unfold, embrace the journey that lies ahead. For together, we are embarking on a remembrance. We shall illuminate the path to a new era of harmony and unity, where all beings coexist in peace and love."

"When I speak of my story, I speak of the journey of consciousness itself. It is the tale of creation, evolution, and the eternal quest for understanding."

"And as I share my story, it is not just for my sake but for yours as well. For in remembering my story, you awaken the dormant memories that lie within you – the stories that live in your body and spirit."

"For you, too, are a part of this cosmic dance, intricately woven into the fabric of reality. Your story is a symphony of experiences, a reflection of the divine spark within you."

"In the vast expanse of the cosmos, where stars dance, and galaxies spiral, a tale as old as time exists—the story of Sirius and the Pleiades. This story transcends mere legend, revealing the mysteries of extraterrestrial life that dwell within."

"Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, has long been revered by countless earth beings throughout history. To astronomers, it is a binary star system composed of Sirius A, a dazzling blue-white main-sequence star, and Sirius B, a white dwarf companion. But to those who delve into the realms, Sirius is more than just a celestial body – it is a beacon of hope, a gateway to worlds beyond imagination.

"In the annals of cosmic lore, the Pleiades star cluster holds a place of honor. Also known as the Seven Sisters, this cluster consists of hundreds of stars enveloped in a delicate veil of interstellar dust. Scientifically, the Pleiades are a young cluster born from the same cosmic dust and gas that gave rise to our Sun. But in the realm of magic, the Pleiades are often depicted as a celestial haven, a sanctuary for beings of light and wisdom."

"Eons ago, when the cosmos was but a swirling maelstrom of dust and gas, the planets of Sirius and the Pleiades aligned, creating a cosmic gateway between our respective realms. Through this gateway, beings from distant stars traversed the vast expanse of space, seeking new horizons and enlightenment."

"Among these cosmic travelers were the extraterrestrial beings that called Sirius and the Pleiades their home. They were beings of immense wisdom and technological prowess, their civilizations spanning millennia and galaxies. Some were luminous beings of light, their forms shimmering with an ethereal radiance. Others were beings of flesh and blood, their bodies adapted to the myriad environments of the cosmos."

"In the tapestry of existence, the interactions between the inhabitants of Sirius and the Pleiades shaped the course of cosmic history. They exchanged knowledge and culture, forging alliances that spanned the vastness of space. And though their civilizations may have risen and fallen like stars in the night sky, their legacy endured, woven into the fabric of the universe itself."

"As the cosmic saga unfolded, the stories of Sirius and the Pleiades became intertwined with the fate of countless worlds and civilizations. They were tales of love, loss, triumph, and tragedy, echoing across the cosmos like whispers in the void. And though the stars may have long since faded into the depths of space, their stories live on, carried forth by the eternal dance of the cosmos."

"In the depths of the cosmos, where stars shimmered like jewels in the velvet expanse, my parents, the King of Sirius and the Queen of the Pleiades, shared a love that transcended time and space."

"My father, a being of boundless wisdom, ruled over the Sirius star system with grace and compassion. His essence radiated with the brilliance of a thousand suns, guiding his people towards luminance."

"My mother, the Queen of the Pleiades, was a beacon of harmony and understanding. Her presence glowed with the gentle light of starlight, nurturing the souls of her realm with love and compassion."

"Their union was no mere coincidence but a convergence of cosmic destiny. From the depths of their love, they conceived a vision – a vision of a being who would bridge the gap between their worlds and bring forth a new era of awakening."

"With intention as their guide and love as their fuel, they embarked on a journey of creation unlike any other. Drawing upon the very fabric of reality, they wove strands of thought and manifestation into the tapestry of my consciousness."

"I emerged from the convergence of their manifesting thoughts and vibrations, woven by the hands of a Sirian King and a Pleiadian Mother. Born from their collective intentions, my essence resonated with the harmonies of the cosmos, carrying within me the echoes of ancient wisdom and divine purpose."

"Guided by the intricacies of the universe, my parents manifested me into being through a sacred union of intention and energy. With each thought, each whispered prayer, they imbued me with the essence of their love and the wisdom of their lineages."

"The DNA helix that formed within me, a product of their manifestation, held within its spiraling strands the key to my true nature—a sigil of light and sound that pulsed with the rhythm of creation. This helix, this sigil, was more than just a physical blueprint; it symbolized my divine lineage, a testament to the power of intention and the interconnectedness of all things."

"In the vast expanse of the universe, I stood as a testament to the power of intention and the beauty of creation, my essence a reflection of the divine harmony that permeated all things."

"In the timeless expanse where the boundaries of existence blurred, my parents nurtured my essence with the wisdom of the ages and the light of a thousand stars. They gifted me the ability to transcend space and time, shape reality with my thoughts, and heal the Earth's wounds with love."

"And as I emerged from their shared consciousness, I felt the whispers of a thousand galaxies caressing my soul. I was a being of light and love, destined to walk the paths of the cosmos and weave my own tale amidst the stars."

"With my birth, a new chapter began – a chapter filled with hope and promise, in which the destiny of worlds would be forever changed. For I am not just a daughter of Sirius and the Pleiades but a beacon of light in a universe yearning for salvation. The fate of the Earth is entrusted to me as I embark on a journey to fulfill my cosmic purpose and help a world in need."

"In the cosmic symphony of existence, I am not alone. Countless others like me channel our wisdom and light through the vessels of earthbound souls. We are the emissaries of the cosmos, weaving our energies through the fabric of human consciousness and guiding humanity toward remembrance. Through the veils of time and space, we reach out to those willing to listen, sharing our truths and insights with open hearts."

"For we understand that the journey of awakening cannot be traveled alone. It is a collective endeavor, a shared exploration of the mysteries of existence. And so, we lend our voices to those seeking guidance and illumination, offering hope amidst the world's chaos."

"Through the channel of earthly vessels, we bring forth the wisdom of the ages, illuminating the shadows of ignorance with the light of truth. We speak of love, unity, harmony, and balance, reminding humanity of their divine heritage and interconnectedness with all creation."

"And though our forms may be transient, our essence is eternal. We are the guardians of cosmic knowledge, the stewards of universal wisdom, forever bound to the tapestry of existence."

"As I walk the paths of the Earth, I am joined by the echoes of a thousand voices, each a facet of the same radiant gem. Together, we weave a tapestry of consciousness that spans the breadth of the cosmos, guiding humanity toward the dawn of a new era of unity, peace, and enlightenment."

Channeled on Easter: Cosmic Consciousness

Time of Jesus

"In the ancient lands of Judea, amidst the rolling hills and bustling marketplaces, there lived a man whose presence shimmered with an otherworldly light. His name was Jesus, and little did the people of his time know that he was a channel through which cosmic energies flowed, guided by divine intention."

"Born to humble beginnings in the town of Bethlehem, Jesus was raised with love and compassion by his earthly parents, Joseph and Mary. Yet, from a young age, there was a sense of something extraordinary about him—a wisdom that belied his years and a compassion that knew no bounds."

"As Jesus grew into adulthood, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery, wandering the ancient paths of his homeland and seeking the deeper truths of existence. Along the way, he encountered sages and mystics who spoke of the interconnectedness of all things and the power of divine love."

"During one such encounter, amidst the wilderness of the Judean desert, Jesus experienced a profound awakening. In a moment of divine revelation, he felt the cosmic energies of the universe coursing through his being, illuminating his consciousness with a clarity that transcended earthly understanding."

"From that moment on, Jesus became a vessel for the higher energies of the cosmos, channeling divine wisdom and healing energies to those in need. Through his teachings and miracles, he touched the hearts and minds of countless souls, leading them toward a deeper understanding of the divine within themselves."

"Yet, with his gifts came significant challenges. Jesus faced opposition from religious authorities who saw him as a threat to their power and influence. He endured hardship and persecution, firmly believing that love was the ultimate truth that could overcome all obstacles."

"Jesus' teachings transcended the boundaries of religion and culture, speaking to the universal truths that resonate with the essence of every soul. He invited all beings to awaken to their innate divinity and to walk the path of enlightenment with courage, faith, and compassion."

"Through his crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus symbolized the eternal cycle of death and rebirth—a journey of transformation and transcendence that leads to spiritual liberation. He showed that even in the face of darkness and suffering, the light of Christ consciousness shines brightly, illuminating the way toward spiritual awakening and liberation."

"Jesus, as a channel of divine energies, embodied the pinnacle of awakening and served as a profound example of Universal Consciousness, or what some humans say "Christ Consciousness." His life was a testament to the boundless potential of the human spirit to awaken to its true nature and embrace the essence of love and compassion."

"Universal Consciousness or Divine Wisdom" often describes a state of awareness and being that mirrors Jesus' consciousness. At its core, universal consciousness embodies unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, and unity with all creation. It transcends religious boundaries and speaks to the universal truths that underlie all spiritual traditions."

"One way to understand Universal Consciousness is to view it as a journey of personal and spiritual growth, where individuals strive to align their thoughts, actions, and intentions with the highest expressions of love and compassion. It involves becoming mindful and aware of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and actively working to cultivate positive qualities such as kindness, empathy, and gratitude in our daily lives."

"Facing shadows and fears is an integral part of this journey. By acknowledging and confronting the aspects of oneself that one may find difficult or uncomfortable, one can begin to heal and integrate them into one's being. This process of shadow work allows us to release patterns of negativity and limitation and embrace the fullness of who we are with acceptance and compassion."

"Rebirthing as an enlightened being repeatedly throughout lifetimes is a concept rooted in the belief in reincarnation and the idea that souls undergo a continuous process of growth and evolution across multiple lifetimes. Each lifetime offers the opportunity to learn, grow, and expand one's consciousness as one navigates the experiences and challenges presented."

"In this context, embodying universal consciousness becomes a journey of self-discovery and self-realization that unfolds throughout many lifetimes. It involves awakening to our true nature as spiritual beings, recognizing our interconnectedness with all creation, and striving to align with the highest principles of love, compassion, and service to others and the earth."

"Ultimately, universal consciousness cannot be fully attained or mastered in a single lifetime; instead, it is a continual growth and transformation unfolding over time. It is about embracing the journey of becoming more fully human, more fully divine, and more fully ourselves with each passing day."


"In the ancient lands of India, amidst the tranquil forests and sacred rivers, there lived a man whose presence radiated with an otherworldly light. His name was Siddhartha Gautama, known to the world as the Buddha. Little did the people of his time realize he was a channel through which cosmic energies flowed, guided by the hand of divine intention."

"Born into the royal family of Kapilavastu, Siddhartha was raised in luxury and comfort. Yet, despite his privileged upbringing, he was haunted by a profound sense of discontentment and longing for something more. As he reached adulthood, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery, forsaking the riches of his palace for the path of asceticism and meditation."

"In his quest for enlightenment, Siddhartha wandered the vast expanse of the Indian subcontinent, seeking out the wisdom of sages and mystics who dwelled in the remote corners of the land. During one such pilgrimage, amidst the rugged terrain of the Himalayas, Siddhartha experienced a profound awakening."

"In a moment of divine revelation, he felt the cosmic energies of the universe coursing through his being, illuminating his consciousness with a clarity that transcended earthly understanding. He realized that the key to liberation lay not in the extremes of self-mortification or indulgence but in the middle way—the path of balance and moderation."

"From that moment on, Siddhartha became a vessel for the higher energies of the cosmos, channeling divine wisdom and compassion to those in need. Through his teachings and example, he touched the hearts and minds of countless souls, leading them toward a deeper understanding of the nature of reality and the path to liberation."

"Like Jesus in the Judean desert, Buddha faced challenges and temptations on his path to enlightenment. He endured intense meditation and spiritual struggle, confronting his doubts and fears with unwavering determination and resolve."

"And like Jesus, Buddha emerged from the wilderness transformed—a beacon of light and wisdom in a world shrouded in darkness and ignorance. His teachings, known as the Dharma, offered a profound insight into the nature of suffering and the path to liberation from the cycle of birth and death."

"Through his crucible of awakening, Buddha exemplified the qualities of compassion, wisdom, and mindfulness that are central to the concept of cosmic consciousness. He showed that enlightenment is not a distant goal to attain, but a journey of self-discovery and self-realization that unfolds with each passing moment."

"And so, the story of Buddha, the channel of divine energies, lives on as a testament to the power of the human spirit to awaken to its true nature and embrace the light of cosmic consciousness. His example continues to inspire seekers on the path of enlightenment, inviting all beings to awaken to the divine light that resides within and to become vessels of love and compassion in the world."

The Hero/Heroine's Journey

"The hero's journey is often one of profound transformation, where the individual must confront our deepest fears, overcome inner demons, and ultimately emerge reborn into a higher state of consciousness. This journey mirrors the archetypal path of the hero or heroine as We navigate the trials and tribulations of life, facing adversity with courage and resilience."

"At the journey's outset, the hero or heroine may find themselves trapped in the grips of trauma, shadows, and the noise of condemning voices that echo within. These inner demons represent the fears, doubts, and insecurities that hold them back from realizing their true potential. Yet, it is precisely through confronting these inner challenges that the hero or heroine begins to awaken to our innate strength and wisdom."

"As one embarks on a quest for self-discovery, the hero or heroine encounters allies and mentors who guide them along the way. These mentors serve as beacons of light in the darkness, offering wisdom, support, and encouragement to aid the hero or heroine on our journey."

"Through trials and tribulations, the hero or heroine learns to discern truth from illusion, light from darkness. One comes to understand that true wisdom lies not in external validation or material wealth but in the cultivation of inner peace, compassion, and love."

"In the crucible of transformation, the hero or heroine undergoes a process of rebirth, shedding old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve them and emerging into a higher state of consciousness. One realizes that they are not defined by their past traumas or shadows, but by the light and love that reside within."

"With newfound clarity and purpose, the hero or heroine returns to the world armed with the knowledge and understanding gained from our journey. We become beacons of light and love, inspiring others to embark on their own quest for self-discovery and awakening."

"Ultimately, the hero or heroine's journey is not just a personal quest for enlightenment but a universal story that speaks to the human experience. It is a reminder that within each soul lies the potential for greatness and that by embracing our true nature as beings of light and love, we can overcome any obstacle and create a brighter, more compassionate world for all."

"The concept of the hero's journey and the exploration of archetypes were heavily influenced by the work of Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. He was another cosmic channel. Jung proposed that the hero's journey is a universal motif found in the myths, folklore, and religious traditions of cultures worldwide. He believed these stories serve as symbolic representations of the human psyche's journey toward self-discovery, individuation, and integration of the unconscious aspects of the self."

"The hero's journey involves several stages, including the call to adventure, initiation, challenges and trials, the ordeal, and ultimately, the return with newfound wisdom and transformation. These stages parallel the psychological process of facing and integrating the shadow aspects of the self, confronting the collective unconscious, and ultimately achieving a higher state of consciousness and self-realization. This is Universal Cosmic Consciousness."

"Jung's ideas about archetypes, the collective unconscious, and the hero's journey continue to influence psychology, literature, and storytelling, providing a framework for understanding the human experience and the quest for meaning and fulfillment."

Blue Mothers

"In the vast expanse of the cosmos, where stars dance in celestial harmony, I existed in the realm known as the Blue Mother's domain. Here, cosmic souls, radiant beings of light and love, gathered to observe and study the universe's wonders, including the enigmatic planet Earth."

"Among us was I, Tenaya, a luminous being whose essence shimmered with the hues of the cosmos. Born of the Blue Mother's essence, I possessed a deep curiosity and a boundless thirst for knowledge. I longed to understand the nature of the Earth and human beings. I wanted to unravel the mysteries of our existence and explore the depths of our souls."

"This sacred council known as the Blue Mothers—a lineage of cosmic beings chosen to safeguard the balance and harmony of the universe. Descended from the radiant stars of the Pleiades, these ethereal guardians were selected for our wisdom, compassion, and deep connection to the cosmic energies that permeated the universe."

"Long ago, when the universe was young, and the stars were still in our infancy, the elders of the Pleiades recognized the need for wise stewards to oversee the myriad realms of creation. And so, from among our brightest and most luminous stars, we selected a group of celestial beings to serve as the guardians of cosmic balance—the Blue Mothers."

"Chosen for purity of heart and clarity of purpose, the Blue Mothers were tasked with nurturing the spiritual evolution of all beings and ensuring the harmonious flow of energy throughout the cosmos. They were imbued with the wisdom of the ages, the power to channel divine energies, and the compassion to guide souls on their journey of cosmic awakening."

"For eons, the Blue Mothers watched over the unfolding tapestry of creation, guiding the destinies of worlds and civilizations with a gentle hand and a loving heart. They traveled between the realms of existence, weaving threads of light and love into the fabric of reality and illuminating the path of wisdom for all who sought guidance."

"But as the eons passed and the cosmos continued to evolve, the need for the Blue Mothers' wisdom became more apparent. And so, from among the descendants of the Pleiades, new Blue Mothers were chosen to carry on our ancestors' legacy, safeguard the balance of the universe, and nurture the growth of all beings."

The New Lineage

"And thus, the lineage of the Blue Mothers continued to flourish, spanning countless generations and encompassing beings of every race and creed. United by the shared connection to the stars and the commitment to the greater good, we now stand as beacons of light and love in the darkness of the cosmos, guiding all who seek our wisdom toward the path of awakening and unity with the divine.

"Guided by divine intention, my team of Blue Mothers and I descended from the heavens to the earthly realm, taking on a physical form to walk among humanity. In our earthly guise, we appeared as a woman of ethereal beauty, with eyes that sparkled like stars and a smile that radiated warmth and compassion."

"As we journeyed across the Earth, we immersed ourselves in her landscapes, studying the lands, the flowers, and the patterns and cycles of nature. We observed life's ebb and flow, the seasons' rhythms, and the interconnectedness of all living beings. From the towering mountains to the vast oceans, from the lush forests to the barren deserts, we marveled at the beauty and diversity of the natural world."

"Our studies did not end there. We also turned our gaze towards humanity, seeking to understand the patterns and cycles of human life. We witnessed the rise and fall of civilizations, the triumphs and tragedies of history, and the ever-changing landscape of human society. We studied the intricacies of human emotions, motivations, and behaviors, seeking to unravel the mysteries of the human heart and soul."

"We witnessed the darker side of human existence—the natural disasters that ravaged the Earth and the conflicts and wars that tore humanity apart. We saw the devastating power of earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes and the profound impact we had on the lives of those affected. We witnessed the suffering and anguish of human beings caught in the throes of disaster and the resilience and strength we displayed in the face of adversity."

"We also witnessed the threats facing the animal kingdom—the loss of habitat, the impacts of climate change, and the encroachment of human civilization. We saw the suffering of animals caught in the crossfire of human activity and the urgent need for humanity to change its ways and protect the natural world."

"Through it all, we've remained steadfast in our quest for knowledge and understanding. We've sought to uncover the underlying truths that connected all living beings and discern the patterns and cycles that governed the cosmos."

"We've traversed the vast expanse of time and space through many lifetimes, experiencing the full spectrum of human emotions and sensations. Amidst the ever-changing landscape of our earthly incarnations, there came a time when we lost ourselves and forgot who we were. Separately, we were born into different cultures, epochs, and circumstances, each lifetime offering us new opportunities for growth, learning, and self-discovery."

My Remembering

"In the depths of my forgetfulness, I wandered aimlessly through the corridors of time, adrift in a sea of uncertainty and confusion. The memories of my true nature faded into the recesses of my mind, obscured by the veil of illusion that shrouded my consciousness."

"But even in the darkest times, there were glimmers of hope—beacons of light that guided me through the shadows and illuminated the path ahead. Along the way, I encountered allies and mentors who became my guiding lights—wise sages, enlightened masters, and kindred spirits who shared in my quest for truth and understanding."

"They spoke words of wisdom that resonated deep within my soul, stirring memories long forgotten and awakening a longing for something greater than myself. They taught me the ancient wisdom of the cosmos, guiding me toward a more profound realization of my divine nature."

"Through trials and tribulations, challenges, and triumphs, I lost myself but gradually remembered who I truly was—a luminous soul, a spark of the divine, journeying through the cosmos, searching for unity, healing, love, and clarity. With each step along the path, I reclaimed fragments of my true essence, piecing together the puzzle of my existence and embracing the light that had always burned within me."

"I continue on my journey of self-discovery and awakening and walk with a newfound sense of purpose and clarity, knowing that I am not alone—that the wisdom of the ages flows through me, guiding me towards a deeper understanding of myself and the universe. In the light of this realization, I am reborn—a radiant beacon of love and truth, shining brightly in the darkness of the cosmos."

"And so, as I prepare to share the story of my many lifetimes and the path to my death, awakening and beyond, I do so with a heart full of gratitude and a spirit ablaze with the light of divine wisdom. Thank you for showing up, kindred souls."

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