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Sexual Empowerment

Women need a safe space in which to heal, explore, empower, and learn about their sexuality. Unfortunately there is not many places that offer this type of service or support, where women can come together to share and release their stories and grow into a place of empowerment.


Are you a woman who wants to be more sexual?

More desirable?

Have more orgasms?

Do you want to have more energy?

Have more intimacy, pleasure, and desire with your partner (s)?

Do you want more confidence?

Are you a woman who wants to go deeper in your relationship and wants to welcome more fun into the bedroom?

Do you want to learn how to talk about sex without feeling ashamed or guilty?

Are you a woman who is ready to get rid of sexual shame or trauma?

Ready to make peace with your sexual past?

Ready to explore the ways sex and money are connected in order to have more fulfillment in life?

Do you want more pleasure, more sex, more orgasms, more ecstasy, more intimacy?

We all struggle with our sexuality and not everyone reaches out for a supportive place where we can develop our sexuality and overcome our struggles.


SHEE is designed to help women do the deep work on their sexual selves that will empower and affect every aspect of their being. When you work on your sexuality, you impact everything in your life.


SHEE’s Group is a unique opportunity to grow your sexuality with a group of other women who are also committed to growing theirs. This program is a combination of deep work on the sexual self through:

  • Self exploration, discussion, and coaching

  • History and patterns of sexuality explored

  • Experiential exercises that allow women to step into varying aspects of their sexuality for direct inner wisdom;

  • Education about sexuality and the sexual body

  • Empowerment rituals and special events


The group work is based on 9 steps to a sexually empowered life. These 9 essential gateways to sexual empowerment are:

  • Rewriting your sexual story

  • Releasing sexual shame & blockages

  • Nurturing and increasing your sexual energy

  • Shifting emotional patterns that damage relationships

  • Activating desire & create a sexual practice

  • Radically accepting your body

  • Developing sexual skills

  • Developing Erotic Authenticity & personal love language

  • Coming home to yourself

Adult women of all backgrounds and orientations are welcome.

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Who is the SHEE Woman?


She knows this is important work. She’s no stranger to self-transformation–whether through therapy, coaching, 12 Step, spiritual speaking or other paths, she know she is on a life journey and values each step that has brought her to where she is now. Now she’s ready to honor her sexuality in a deeper way.

She is ready for change. Ready to let go of old hurts she may have carried for a long time, or that may be woven into her family line and herstory. She’s ready to bust through old patterns. An urgency drives her–to heal wounds, to release what needs to be released, to change her experiences of sexuality, relationships and intimacy in a deep way. She knows that much more awaits her.

She wants MORE! She feels the call of her sexual self within her and longs to express the pleasure, ecstasy and power within. She wants to find and release her sexual voice, to ask for what she wants from a place of assurance and ease. She knows this would radically change her experience in relationships. She knows her sexuality is a source of her power. She wants to find the missing piece and integrate it into who she is in the world.

Are you this woman?

If you are this woman and are interested in joining this circle of women, contact Tiffany for an initial intake.

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