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    Tiffany has been singing, writing, speaking, and creating since she was a toddler and has continued to self teach with other instruments. She is well versed in vocals, ukulele, drums and percussion. She also has a basic foundation in guitar and piano. As an adolescent, she played the saxophone and studied music.

   Tiffany has had over 15 years of experience with facilitating music, such as leading drum circles, song circles, and helping those to learn to express themselves through music and art within a therapeutic setting.

   Tiffany has a major talent and passion for music, writing, and spoken word. Music and writing have always helped her through the toughest times in her life. She believes music and expressing oneself is an amazing coping skill, hobby, and positive. Tiffany's goal and dedication are to work with the community, young and old, who would like to build their skills in rhythm, enhance their mindfulness, express themselves in ways they aren't usually able to, and to bring oneness into the community. She has a heart full of love, passion, and dedication for her community and hopes to transform lives through music, writing, and spoken word.

Music & Spoken Word